TRASH CAN SCHOOL: Big Bang Radiation Blues: CDR

Aug 27, 2009

This was sent to my brother Katz, who I believe has not written one word for this magazine. He was only involved before issue #1. I guess it was because of the Flipside magazine association of the other contributors and staff that this would be sent to Razorcake. Since it was for my brother, it was put in my box. I never bought, listened to or saw this band before. I do remember the name and I equate it to the late ‘80s to the early ‘90s. If you are from the LA area from that time period, I would associate this band as a Raji’s or Al’s Bar type of band. To be more specific, I’m picturing Saccharine Trust. Noisy, dirty, jazz punk that bangs along while you go for that twelfth beer of the night. Not my thing. I will hand this to my brother since this was addressed to him and not keep it for myself.

 –don (Jinx)

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