TRASH BRATS/CAMPUS TRAMPS: The Hellraisers, Vol. 9: Split LP

Jul 13, 2007

...i really have no clue as to what the “Hellraisers” series is all about, but, presumably, it’s a series of split albums featuring previously released material by pretty decent bands (i know, how amazing of me to figure that all out by context clues). The Trash Brats were a glam/punk/rock band from Indiana who were actually pretty good, and would have been a lot better had all their songs not run a minute and a half too long; the Campus Tramps were the main English outposts of Yankee-style punk/rock/roll in the ‘90s. Neither band was so distinguished that they compelled me to run through the streets waving my arms above my head and screaming for passers-by to purchase their albums; however, both bands are certainly good enough that they deserve some manner of representation in your record collection—thus, half an album’s worth of Trash Brats and half an album’s worth of Campus Tramps might be the perfect dose structure. If these bands are lacking representation in your collection, you have hereby been put on notice. The End. BEST SONG: Trash Brats, “Feeding the Mosquitos” BEST SONG TITLE: Trash Brats, “Imitation Generation” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: In lieu of a band photo, the Campus Tramps substitute Wally Wood’s famous “Orgy” illustration, depicting virtually every Disney™ character of the day in flagrant deviant activity. Amazingly, he was never sued by Disney™ over this, because Mickey’s lawyers felt that the company would be harmed more by the increased exposure to this illustration that a lawsuit would bring than they would by suing Wally Wood for all he was worth! To coin a phrase: PUNK!

 –norb (Rockin’ Bones)