TRASH AXIS: Grotesque: LP

Immediately Bad Acid Trip springs to mind, though I think Trash Axis take their grindcore further into the outer reaches and become less conventional in return. I would go as far to say that the saxophone, accordion, and glockenspiel dominate their sound more than distorted guitars. You still get the strangulated vocals this genre is known for, though you can figure out what the singer is saying—err uhh—growling, here and there. The keyboard tends to give this a carnival feel at times, and the glockenspiel makes some songs more whimsical than “brutal.” The lyrics are equally out there, with songs like “Poop Bomb” detailing how “poop fills up the internet.” Okay… So, if you’re a fan of grindcore, but sick of the same ol’ same ol’, then give this a listen. I doubt you’ve heard any other band of the genre like this. 

 –M.Avrg (Trash Axis,