TRANZMITORS: Self-titled: LP

Jul 24, 2007

Hello Top Ten of 2007. With this, the release of the Tranzmitors’ first full-length, I was seventy-five percent expecting that they’d collect all of their 7”s, add a song, slap it on the butt, and call it a day. Nope. Nine new ones and a Scientists’ cover. It’s a cliché, but in this instance it’s true. You get different beasts from this record at differing volumes. At lower, “driving the folks around in their minivan in traffic” volumes, it’s much more Elvis Costello, Vapors, and soft melody, but when it’s rattling the plaster on the ceiling, the Jam and Exploding Hearts slice through the speakers. All this is basically me naming bands I really like—all of who embrace power pop—and the Tranzmitors not only make me think of them, they elbow themselves into the lineup right beside them, grinning madly. Highly recommended.

 –todd (Deranged)

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