Trantastic: DVD

Nov 22, 2011

Imagine if Christopher Guest and his crew behind classics like This Is Spinal Tap and Best in Show somehow ran afoul of an evil wizard and, as a payback, the wizard put a terrible curse on them that took away their ability to be funny, endearing, compelling, and capable of making any thing that could pass for a halfway decent “mockumentary.” Oh, the wizard also made them all homophobic assholes and even gave Harry Shearer a dumb Foo Fighters tattoo. Now apply all of those attributes (even the Foo Fighters tattoo) to the gang that made Trantastic and see why I had a terrible time watching this. This is fucking awful. Not only is it awful, but it’s filled with a really ugly and hateful attitude towards the gay and transgender community.

Trantastic is a fake documentary about a bunch of straight men who dress in drag, but yet are really deeply offended that people assume they’re gay because of that. Great premise, right? The joke is that they’re all slovenly, unkempt guys with facial hair, bad wigs, and ill-fitting clothing that they probably found in a dumpster behind a sex shop. There are also enough ugly homophobic slurs within the first ten minutes to make any sane person turn this shit off.  If the creators of this tripe read this and think that I couldn’t take or didn’t get the joke here, I’ll say this—you didn’t say or do anything funny. This gets my highest recommendation to avoid.– Andy Conway (Scumbag Movies,