TRANSPLANTS, THE: Travis from Blink 182 and Tim Armstrong’s Crappy Band : CD

Jul 28, 2009

I can imagine how this CD came about. Travis, the drummer guy who looks out of place in Blink 182 is sick of being best known for being in a TRL band, so he calls Tim Armstrong of Rancid, thinking Tim will lend a sympathetic ear. During the call, they decide to form a band to show that they still have street cred or something. They call a guy with neck tattoos and a shaved head because he will look really tough in the photo and record some stuff that the kids will like now that Slipknot is all big, which pretty much ends up in something that I would have liked when I was seventeen and thought anything ripping off Big Black was cool. And yes, I see the irony of this story starting off with a drummer trying to seem cooler that ends up with sounding like a band with a drum machine. But do THEY? Hmm, okay, I must admit that I wrote that all during the first song. The next song seemed an exercise on writing songs based on the ability to use expletives (hey, it's 2002, the word "fuck" effects me as much as "hey"), and then, um, well. Tim Armstrong was in Op Ivy, right? And his label puts out a lot of good music, right? You would think he would know a thing or two about what sounds like good punk rock music. Or, you would, until you listen to this. This is not very punk, but that isn't such a crime so much as it's also not good. This is one of those weird cases when someone sounds like they are ripping off the bands that were influenced by them. Anyway, Travis should stick to showing off how he has big fancy SUVs in entertainment magazines and Tim should stick to putting out good music, whether or not it has him on the cover.

 –rich (Hellcat)