TRANSFIX: Self-titled: LP

Jun 13, 2014

Death rock out of Olympia, which seems to have a lot of good bands lately (I say this because the last time I remember bands coming out of Olympia, it was of the K Records variety, and that was a pretty patchy quality run of bands). Transfix consist of members from Gag, Family Stoned, and Love Interest. Anyway, back to the record that is spinning on my turntable to the right of me. Transfix play the dark and sometimes ethereal stuff that runs from very English-sounding stuff, like the opener “Bad Trip,” and on to the semi raw and tweaked oddness of “New Fix,” “Living,” and “Youth in Decline” (which has a rehearsal tape quality about it). “Fix Tomorrow” is one of my favorites on here. There’s a decidedly dreary tone musically and lyrically, and the guitar reminds me of the Cure between their first album and The Top. I like the ending to “Slip Away” that sounds like it’s a totally different song and out of left field. Makes for a somber ending to the first side. I’m definitely a fan of the current interest in the death rock / goth sound from new bands, and this is a record I know I will still listen to years down the road. 

 –M.Avrg (Dutch Tilt)