TRANS MEGETTI, THE: Fading Left to Completely On: CD

With the brains and sinew and non-ass of bands such as Drive Like Jehu and Hot Snakes in mind, The Trans Megetti are able to make intricate, swelling, breathing songs that go from quiet whispers to whips and caterwauls and back to sparse, chattering arrangements. It’s what I like to call (and I think I’m the only one, so fucking sue me) map rock. Not math rock – they’re not so technical that it’s pocket protector time – it just seems that they’ve got so many strains (like lines of streets) and open areas (like parks) and fast-moving parts (like freeways) and swirls (on-ramps) and they’ve got the whole mess figured out before hand, like city planners, but for songs, and that by the end of the album, you get the feeling that you’ve traveled around a lot and the trip’s been satisfying and you’ve got a good feel on how they came up with what they did. Map rock. What’s impressive is that the songs never completely dissipate or forget where they’re going (run out of gas). Groove, is what I think it’s called. Some warnings: the vocalist is a tad whiny (or high pitched), but it doesn’t bother me here, and the music could be construed as sorta whimpy, but, fuck it, it makes me shake my ass and shimmy and be all introspective and stuff.

 –todd (Gern Blandsten)