TRAINWRECK RIDERS: Where the Neon Turns to Wood: CD

Jun 29, 2007

These guys blow me away! The entire record is incredible. In fact, when I set a show up for them a few months later I had noted on the flier that this band makes all other alt-country, before and after, obsolete. It’s kind of a bold statement, and I am not sure if I completely agree with it, but they come pretty close. It’s not really accurate to describe them only as an alt-country band, because there are so many more aspects to their music that automatically get dismissed when they are classified in such a specific genre. I guess if Uncle Tupelo were to only cover Iggy Pop songs with Isaac Brock on vocals, only way cooler than this statement could ever be interpreted. Even though it is an accurate description, hearing it without listening to the music first would just turn me off, so sorry if that’s what you are thinking. Trust me. These guys are really great. The musicianship on the album is astounding. The drummer is killer, and has an uncanny rhythm and a grasp on dynamics of his instrument as played throughout an entire song. He makes flawless stops and build-ups throughout the entire album. The guitarist plays some riffs so fast and catchy that I can’t even understand them after witnessing them live. The lyrics are excellent. The artwork is great. This is an album that everyone into punk with a country twang will love. If you aren’t into the genre, this is the perfect gateway. I highly recommend everyone hear this CD.

 –guest (Trainwreck Riders)

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