Competent! That’s about all I can really put down about this album. Countryish stuff (which to me does not mean the Top 40 pop-rock that’s on the majority of country stations) is odd in that it works better when it’s either massively understated (i.e. early and late period Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson’s Red Headed Stranger) or really schlocky heart bearing. I mean, yeah, Bright Eyes is overwrought but it sticks with you, and Hank Williams songs are about as emo as it gets. In the case of the Trainwreck Riders, this album delivers relatively energetic twang with laid back vocals that’s good for driving through long stretches of desert and plains, but there’s not really any reach out and grab me moments of bleeding all over the place conviction like with someone such as Slobberbone.

 –Adrian (Alive)