TRAINWRECK #8: $2/2 stamps, ¼ page, photocopied, 48 pgs.

Nov 30, 2010

I like Dave. He’s a thinker. And while he’s still vulnerable to the easy trappings of writing punk zines, he’s able to take a step back and recognize the bullshit, which there is a lot of. A. Lot. In the newest issue of Trainwreck, he embarks on a case study of punk rock by analyzing the vices of your typical cliché DIY punk rocker. Vices like: nostalgia, white lies, record collecting, etc. It’s entertaining, and in the most constructive ways it’s very personal. It’s extremely easy to be young and dumb, but that’s why I’m always excited to see a new issue of Trainwreck, ‘cause while it might be chock full of young and dumb, I find comfort and entertainment in it, it’s written well, and it’s interesting. (Dave Brainwreck, 74 Dwight St. #2, New Haven, CT 06811)

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