Aug 27, 2009

Tragedy’s the band that I’ve been looking for for over a decade. They hit all the right spots. Dark, edgy, full hardcore that isn’t a throwback, that is intelligent musically and lyrically, and there’s not one gap, from the artwork to the nuclear radiation flying off the record player as the vinyl spins. Not to sound like a hippie, but the songs simultaneously soar higher and snap louder than any hardcore band I’ve heard in years. These two songs, “No End in Sight” and “None of Your Business,” were recorded at the same time as their debut album. Flawless. Totalitar: are fantastic in their own right but don’t flick all of my switches like Tragedy. I sort of wish it wasn’t on a split with Tragedy, because I know when I’ll pick this out, I’ll be playing the other side three or four times in a row.

 –todd (Armageddon Label)