TRAGEDY: Nerve Damage: LP

Mar 14, 2007

Portland’s Tragedy is the way to go it you’re looking for hardcore that’s simultaneously traditional, eerie, classical-leaning, and progressive. They’ve got that atmosphere-filling sweep of From Ashes Rise, that raspy, immediate barb of Seein’ Red, where you know they’re not fucking around, and, I suspect, that if someone in the band wasn’t trained on a classical instrument, someone in their families was. It’s just too bomb-like precise and textured to merely stumble into such layered songwriting. Throw a bit of Lemmy into the bottom of the smoking bomb crater, and you’ve got a band that’s definitely in the top five percent of hardcore being created right now, in league with Fucked Up. That said, this LP’s beautiful: gatefold, silver-leaf, all DIY, done by the band, and it sounds absolutely great. Remember when people were all rightfully jacked up on Crudos in the ‘90s? Same’s happening to Tragedy right now, and it couldn’t happen to a more deserving band.

 –todd (Tragedy)