TRAGEDY: Can We Call This Life?: 7"

Feb 05, 2009

How many 7"s are there that you can say sound like war from the trenches? Not War, the funk band, but flat-out warfare. It's three heavy, punishing, huge, fast, thickly textured, and essentially flawless hardcore songs. Inside the bombast are tight hooks, soaring guitars, and a black, atmospheric feeling like you're about to be mustard gassed and the enemy's popping up a flare into the darkness to triangulate exactly how to kill you through your stereo. The playing's impeccable (it flays and slays), the recording's incredibly thick, and it's surprisingly catchy. As an added bonus, it has one or several folks from His Hero Is Gone. If you've got one hair on your body (even a tiny one near your elbow) that likes hardcore, you can't possibly go wrong with this. I can't seem to crank my stereo high enough.

 –todd (Tragedy, no address, but I got it through Some Strange Music)

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