Jan 06, 2009

It takes a special kinda… something… to lead your album off with “Davey Crockett” by Thee Headcoats and to hyphenate the word “valley” between the “a” and the “l”, but white vinyl means cool, 45 RPM means loud, and the Traditional Fools’ droolingly reckless, one-take garage smasherooni is actually a life-affirming necessity, much like free bacon, or reasonably priced biscuits & gravy. Reminds me a bit of the Statics, if the Statics were more rabidly howling and recorded in the Snivelling Shits’ practice studio. Taste the burnt fudge of their mania! BEST SONG: “Snot Rag” BEST SONG TITLE: “Valley (Of The Jams)”, but only because “Snot Rag” isn’t that inventive. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Liner notes claim that “Kill Someone You Hate” is a Redd Kross song. Technically, it’s a RED CROSS song, innit? 

 –norb (Wizard Mountain/Make a Mess)