TRACY + THE PLASTICS: Muscular’s Guide to Videonics: CD

Mar 19, 2002

Am I stupid for missing all three Tracy + the Plastics shows here in LA when this album first came out? Yes. Why would I do something as dumb as that? I dunno, temporary lapse of sanity I assume. This CD has helped to re-build my hope and satisfaction with the Indie Revolution, girl style. I am so happy to hear things like this come around. Tracy + the Plastics sound like an Atari video game. A drum machine, some digital ‘80s effects and a keyboard make me wanna put on my purple unicorn roller-skates on (ahh, memories...). There’s something magical about a microphone and a 4-track. Everyone should make a song with both at some point in their lives, just for fun. A cassette player – it’s sad to think that something I used on an hourly basis while I was younger, might now be considered something “retro.” The lower inside sleeve of Tracy’s CD insert are the buttons on a tape player (arrows for rewind , fast forward >>, the stop square and pause ll). Buy this CD and become inspired.

 –Harmonee (Chainsaw)