TRACTOR SEX FATALITY: Tiny Parts & Love Ain: 7"

Jul 12, 2007

It eats Guitar Wolf, shits Voidit's Tractor Sex Fatality! Sounds like a bunch of guys armed with guitars and other bludgeons trying to teach an empty tuna can a hard lesson. Throw in the sax and you'll swear Lol Coxhill is back from the dead (or at least Music for Pleasure)! Surely, God fidgets uneasily even as we speak. BEST SONG: "Tiny Parts" BEST SONG TITLE: "Jungle Pam" FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: A forty-two-year-old Asian man was found hanging by the neck, suspended by a rope, attached to the raised shovel of a John Deer Model JD410, diesel powered backhoe tractor.  –norb (Unscene Sounds)