Jun 29, 2007

Sounds like David Yow fronting Jaks or some other art-fuck damaged band. They even cover a Scratch Acid song, but since I don’t care for that band either, I have no idea how faithful or inspired a rendition it is. This record also serves as concrete proof that the world honestly appears to be running out of good, or even decent, band names. If one were to judge Dead Beat Records solely on this release, one would surmise that said label has come a long way (and not necessarily in the right direction) from its old Viva la Vinyl comp days. From the same label that put out damn good (and arguably seminal) records ten years ago from J Church and Whatever, they’re now putting out stuff like this. I’m sorry to say, but after this CD ended, silence never sounded so good. Wasn’t my bag at all.

 –keith (Dead Beat)

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