Jul 13, 2006

Toys That Kill’s music is simply spellbinding, catchy and well produced. Always. This new album is no exception. I must admit that other than the debut every time I get a new album it takes me a few listens to tune into their wavelength...but once I do, it’s there forever. It’s like getting hurt bad and getting prescribed 800mg Ibuprofen and being told you have to take two pills a couple times a day. The first time you open the bottle those two huge pills don’t seem to go down your throat so easy...but once they do, you feel oh sooo good. Be warned, you listen to this album stoned, drunk, wasted off something else or simply high on life it’ll become your best friend by track three. Now when’s that rumored split with D4 going to materialize?

 –mrz (Recess)

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