Sep 19, 2013

The newest Toys That Kill track, “Maybe This Cult Is Way Off” is glorious. Once again, TTK give the hypnotic surf melodies and run-in-your-head-for-days vocal hooks of the sound they created. In this song something about the band’s mantra lyrics (the song title is repeated at least twenty times) joins with the buzzy jump of distorted bass and activates my blood like a drug. Listening to it makes me want to practice full-court shots, or throw a brick through the mayor’s window: anything to express with my body the excellence of this track. Speaking to the other half of the EP, now is somehow my first time hearing Future Virgins. I missed their well-reviewed album Western Problems, but these two EP tracks “Passing Curse” and “Counting Sheep (Show Me)” are great. They’ve kept me re-listening for echoes of The Jam’s ‘70s clangy guitar and throaty Hüsker Dü singing. The group has a smart rock-influenced punk sound, playing with more than the standard punk power chord and three-part song structure. Taken together, TTK and Future Virgins complement each other on this release. It’s worth picking up for either band.

 –Jim Joyce (Drunken Sailor, [email protected])