Jun 04, 2008

At this point, it’s hard not being a cheerleader for Toys That Kill. They’ve more than proved themselves with every release, having cracked an unsuspecting part of my brain like an egg. They now seem to have set up a pup tent in where ever the fuck music gets impressed in my gray matter, reserved just for them. They’re wildly catchy, but in a way that’s as odd as it’s now comforting. It’s like they’re super-secret fisherman re-inventing a hook, hunched over a microscope, tying the line with an intricate knot so it won’t break and it’s almost impossible to untie. But that probably does you little good. What’s odd is how, at different times, I hear completely different influences, and those influences all seem like distant echoes instead of forever being the shadow of previous bands. They’ve got the Mediterranean, ethereal feel of Savage Republic, but via the revving of a Buzzcocks motor. They cover Wire, but in the way I’d think Turbonegro would approach it. They could be called pop punk and you’d be right, but you’d be more wrong. See? Not much of a help. Get Control the Sun, The Citizen Abortion, and their split with the Fleshies if you don’t already, then supplement your diet with this in a hurry, since it’s a limited release. Four songs. 

 –todd (Asian Man)