Twelve years ago (damn near the day, even), I first heard TTK. My tastes were strongly rooted in meathead-y ECHC, oi, and street punk at the time, but new friends all had a burned copy of the yet-to-be-released Citizen Abortion playing nonstop, and I was quickly hooked. There was something there that I never found in F.Y.P., something less silly, but still refusing to be too serious. Since then, I’ve seen them potentially hundreds of times and picked up every release. For the most part, every show is better than the last, and each record has topped itself, but in a slow grow. When the clear green vinyl (yeah, nerds, go get it) first hit the table, I liked it. Liked, not loved. Within a day, it was beyond a craving. I couldn’t get enough. I was seriously reading liner notes from other TTK albums while listening to Fambly 42 because I wanted to have it even more. I don’t know if it’s in the recording (it’s a little rougher—they recorded it in Todd Conge’s Clown Sound studio themselves instead of at Sweatbox as the previous albums) or just a hint of a different approach, or (ugh) growth, but there is something here that’s pure fucking magic. If it’s left the record player, it hasn’t been for long, and I don’t anticipate that changing any time soon. Easily a Top Ten of the Year already.

 –megan (Recess,