Jul 23, 2012

I really like food metaphors. That’s probably because I like food a lot. Well, I know for a fact that once you find a restaurant that makes your favorite dish, you like to go back. Sometimes the chef, being an artist, will change things up a bit. If the chef is any good, you will be opened up to some amazing new flavors and if not, you’re pissed. Toys That Kill are master chefs. This record is the aural equivalent of a culinary masterpiece. My first thought was, “It sounds a lot more like Underground Railroad To Candyland than the last one” but why wouldn’t it? Three quarters of the band are in URTC and this is the first TTK record that they’ve recorded at their own Clown Sound studio. The next thought was, “That’s rad!” On repeated listens (of which there has been many), the magic of Toys That Kill took over: the seemingly random yet important lyrics, every little underlying sound and voice that is there on purpose. It all fits together in a way that only these four guys could pull off. I especially love how the record is paced. Todd sings then suddenly there is Sean, right when you’re looking for him. And when they both sing together it’s like mystical cheesecake from the sky falling right into my mouth! As I flip the record again, I can only hope they don’t take as long a break as last time.

 –ty (Recess)

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