TOYS THAT KILL: Don’t Take My Clone b/w Breakin’ Out: 7”

Jul 12, 2007

The hyenas haven’t been tamed. The lions haven’t been declawed. The wheels on the TTK wagon rarely stop rotating. Secret muscles developed and cardiovascular fitness improved from continuous touring turns what could be a bunt situation into another crackin’ hit. Side A’s quintessential TTK: guitars and vocals battling it out like mannered vultures picking at the world’s carcass, pure outpourings of dragstripping energy that mess up electronic devices, octopusal drumming, and middle-eastern scaling that only I seem to hear. “Breakin’ Out” borrows a Clash riff, is wildly poppy, and may stump existing TTK fans if you don’t tell them who it is before playing it. But, man, do I like it.

 –todd (Dirtnap)