TOYS THAT KILL: Control the Sun: CD

Jun 23, 2009

Anyone who knows me knows I love TTK. I’ve seen them damn near a hundred times. I really liked the new stuff that they’d been slowly adding to their set lists, which is why my initial thoughts on Control surprised me. I definitely thought it was decent, but not as good as The Citizen Abortion. It didn’t have the immediate hooks and is almost all mid-tempo. Upon more listens, it finally hit me. I was hooked. The mid-tempo-ness makes me think of Replacements and Husker Du, where the music may be slower, but it sure as hell still rocks out. By about the tenth listen, I began thinking that not only was this as good as Citizen, but I full-heartedly think that it surpasses it (which is tough since The Citizen Abortion hasn’t left the closest stack to the stereo since its release). I think it’s even more addictive. I find myself singing part of a song (usually “Just One Jump” or “The World United Against Breeding”) several times throughout the day. Everything sounds so big and full and intentional. Every note, every vocal, every quirk seems to have a specific purpose and need. Not in an epic way – this ain’t no fuckin’ opera. It just fits so perfectly together. Topics range from political to personal to procreation to some guy named Jed who wanted a song about himself, poor bastard. More than highly recommended with the advice to give it the chance of a few listens to win you over. Believe me, it will.

 –megan (Recess)