TOYOTAS, THE: Toyotas for Sale: 10”

Sep 19, 2013

The pride of Wuppertal, these tuneful-yet-efficient Germans carry on their proud national tradition of high-minded philanthropy by helpfully and selflessly compiling the songs from their three P.Trash singles on one extremely handy 10”. The addition of three bonus covers ((Reducers! Fuck yes! “Tainted Love!” Fuck no!)) ups the ante to fourteen songs in ten inches, with nothing clocking in over 2:25. Like any efficiently-tuned four-cylinder engine, these Toyotas sound something like ‘90s West Coast moddists like The Gain or Odd Numbers crossed with the work of bygone pop punk countrymen like the Cheeks and un-bygone garage punk continentmen like whatever Martin Savage is up to these days. A ten-inch record with fourteen songs this good is almost like having dessert for supper, so pass the Haribo® Gold-Bears and let’s get this party started! BEST SONG: “Kicks & Screams,” unless you count the Reducers cover, which is excellent. BEST SONG TITLE: “Radio Off” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: “Tainted Love” was originally recorded by Gloria Jones in 1964.

 –norb (P.Trash,