TOY STORE RIOT: Viva Chile: 7”

I will never understand pressing a 7” single with five songs and making it play at 33 RPM. Why not just pony up an extra few bucks and press a 12” that plays at 45 RPM and get a better record to have for posterity? Especially now that a single costs five to seven dollars, it seems like having a 12” to sell for eight to ten dollars makes more sense for all involved. At any rate, the 33 RPM pressing makes these songs sound very tinny and compressed, though the songs themselves aren’t bad. Mid-tempo pop punk with some of that Mike Dirnt kinda bass playing in parts. Music sound a lot like the mid-’90s stuff I remember though, thankfully, there is none of that fake snotty Screeching Weasel crap in the vocals. Tenement seems to have made it cool to actually kinda sing in pop punk these days, and I’m quite happy about that. Band is from D.C. and will appeal to fans of the aforementioned Midwestern titans, as well as The Figgs, Yesterdays Kids/Obsoletes and other tuneful, not-quite-punk sounds.

 –frame (Self-released,