TOY DOLLS: Treasured Toy Dolls Tracks: CD

Jan 24, 2008

There ain’t any info with regards to when or where this was recorded, and the audience strangely sounds like they’re not quite aware the band is playing despite all the shouting and cheering, but this is ostensibly a live recording of Olga and company playing from their nearly three-decades’ deep back catalog of tunes. Most of what’s here comes from their later albums (and if this indeed a collection of “treasured” tracks, one can’t help but ask where the hell bona fide hits like “Nellie the Elephant” or “I’ve Got Asthma” are), and are delivered with all the oomph (if not always the tightness) one expects from these guys. While it probably ain’t essential to the collection, it is a hoot of a listen.

 –jimmy (