Toxic Narcotic: Live in Boston DVD

Nov 13, 2006

You gotta love Toxic Narcotic’s dedication to the ’core. After nearly sixteen years, they continue to be active in the punk scene, both locally and internationally. Even if I haven’t adored every single release that their Rodent Popsicle label has put out, I freely concede that their hit vs. miss ratio is extraordinarily high, and this DVD easily falls under the “hit” column. Recorded live at a show celebrating their fifteenth anniversary, all the stops were pulled and they cranked out one fine document of this band at their finest, with multiple cameras, 5.1 surround sound, a spirited performance and some wild ass fans going bonkers. You get twenty-two songs here, with most of their hits represented (although “Beer in the Shower” is noticeably and annoyingly absent), plus a couple of bonus videos and some footage of their fans waiting to get in. While it could be argued that few hardcore bands deserve such a fuss these days, there is no question that Toxic Narcotic is one of those bands. –Jimmy Alvarado (Rodent Popsicle, PO Box 1143, Allston, MA 02134)