TOXIC NARCOTIC: Had It Coming: 7" EP

Feb 05, 2009

The a-side, "Cockroach," plays much like Citizen Fish or Against All Authority, who can also pull off slower ska textures, increase the pressure, and release the trap door into free-falling, free-wheeling gutter hardcore. On top of that, Toxic Narcotic can also tackle politically aware songs without sounding like they're reading it off the side of a cereal box. "War Song 2k" is a rusty knife of a song with almost goat-throaty vocals that people who don't bathe and like to patch up their pants tend to love. My ears may be deceiving me, but I think I also hear a double bass. Toxic Narcotic's definitely always been diverse (I remember a bag pipe on another song) but it just seems that they're getting more and more powerful as time goes on. Great 7".

 –todd (Rodent Popsicle)