TOXIC NARCOTIC: 21st Century Discography: CD

Sep 27, 2006

This collection of pretty much everything this venerated Boston hardcore band has released in the last six years, hence the title, knocks you upside the noggin with twenty-three witherin’, barn-bustin’ tracks guaranteed to leave your ears bleeding. Few bands have managed to stick it out as long as these kids have (damn near twenty years at this point) and even fewer can claim to consistently pack as much punch. They deal in American hardcore at its finest, blissfully devoid of metal and seriously fucking pissed off. If that’s your bag, you really can’t go wrong with this disc. There’s no label listed on the cover, but given it’s Toxic Narcotic we’re talkin’ about, I’m guessing you can get it from Rodent Popsicle, which is their label.

 –jimmy (Rodent Popsicle)