Nov 28, 2006

Do you like eighties speed metal? You will love TH. Imagine hearing bands like Kreator, Destruction, Hellhammer, Bathory, or the first Slayer LP. That is the same vibe as here. But one thing is different here. This a one man show: Joel Grind takes his love of speed metal and plays all the instruments on recordings. On tour, he brings a band along to be able to play his music to the masses. This year when he toured the states, he brought along the New York band Bludwulf. I hear for his tour next year he is bringing along Japan’s Abigail to open and back up his madness. My introduction to TH is his latest, being the Hell on Earth CD. This is a re-release of the Evil Never Dies LP and bonus tracks from the Death Master EP and a comp track from the Outbreak of Evil EP. Straight up speed metal here. Growling vocals, bright distorted guitars, simple bass lines, and single bass drumming. Three beers in, headbanging is a simple fact without over analyzing the musicianship. Devil horns in the air type of stuff. If I have piqued your interest, buy everything by this guy.

 –don (Gloom)

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