TOWERS OF HANOI: self-titled: CDEP

Apr 17, 2009

At best, they remind me of Seaweed, when the dude’s singing and the guitars are swinging. But there are quite a few hurdles. Poetry jam rock has never been a friend of mine. It comes from going to school with hippies. I just don’t dig it. It makes me irritable because if I truly cared how well people played their instruments, I’d listen to classical music. I crave tight, quick song structures. Or drugs, lots of drugs, then you run the possibility of playing almost anything short of the Grateful Dead near me before I lunge for the stereo. So, the Towers of Hanoi play well, but they play songs I’m not really interested in. The lady who does most of the singing, sounds melodramatic and swoony. I wish them no ill-will, I just don’t dig it. As a bit of trivia: Jon, the drummer used to be in Florida band, The Y. Absolutely no musical overlap between the two bands. 

 –todd (Barracuda Sound)