Tour Sucks: Edited by John A. Cahill, Emily Timm, Rick V., and Richard Wehrenberg Jr., 114 p By Matt Seward

Remember the time you had to sleep on top of the tour trailer because the punk house offered as accommodations was so dirty and infested and your host just wanted to watch GG Allin VHS tapes all night? Or the time the leader of some NOLA squat was going to determine whether or not your band could stay there, “in the pit” (what one could only guess was some kind of Thunderdome-type battle arena)? When you were pulled over by a South Dakota cop because the trailer lights weren’t actually connected to anything and he wouldn’t let you keep driving at night and he “suggested” you go sleep in the parking lot under Mt.Rushmore? Or when your show at the Larry Byrrrd house ended in two inches of standing water on the floor after an indoor water balloon fight? When you stole four twelve packs of Coke from the display outside the gas station because there was nothing but gas money to make the seventeen hour non-stop drive from the state the band quit tour in to your hometown?

Tour Sucks is a book made from multiple authors’ recounts of their touring escapades. Recounts from Todd C, Ginger from One Reason/Good Luck, John from Fleshies/Street Eaters, Chris Clavin of Ghost Mice, Razorcake’s own Mike Faloon, and many others. Some stories are humorous and some are truly harrowing. Your favorite will probably be determined by how close to home it hits to your own experience. No matter how hilarious or frightening the stories may be, they are all bound together by the common thread and acknowledgement that, yes, touring is hard and often ridiculous, but at the end of every tour, even with the knowledge and hindsight, every one of the authors will wind up back in the van.

None of the stories mentioned in the first paragraph of this review are inside Tour Sucks. I didn’t want to ruin any of its impact for the reader. But if any of those scenarios sound familiar, you’ll find yourself reminiscing through other’s voices and are guaranteed a good read when you grab a copy of this book. –Matt Seward (Secret Sailor, PO Box 2312, Bloomington, IN47404,