TOUCH ME NOTS: It’s Not Right But It’s Okay b/w Bag o’Money, Only Friends, Sheldon Munn: 7”EP, 10”

May 10, 2007

A couple issues back, this husband and wife duo perked my ears up with their Gories, Ghetto Ways, Bassholes-inspired simplerock. Their crunch, shake, and shamble are matched with impossible to dislodge as bubblegum in a beard melodies and lyrics. I don’t know enough about The White Stripes to qualify as an expert on making fun of them, but when people were first losing their fuckin’ minds about Jack and Meg, I was imagining something more akin to the Touch Me Nots. Hell, the drummer not only keeps the beat, she provides a wicked, wiry spine on which the songs bounce, slither, and leer. Great stuff. I recommend both the 7” and 10”.

 –todd (7”: Nasty Product, 10”: Yakisakana)