Jul 24, 2007

I recently somehow ended up in a conversation with my dentist, a very nice woman from Sweden, about Scandinavian hardcore. As most who know me will attest, I usually end up in a conversation with everybody about music ‘cause, hey, I really like music, but talking to a dentist about the finer point of Mob 47’s career is a bit much. Anyway, I plop this on and the whole thing makes sense. Aside from the obvious (both Totalitär and my dentist share a common country of origin), both full-bore fjordcore and having one’s gums sliced and diced take a little getting used to, but the benefits of both outweigh the discomfort. In the case of Totalitär, one is treated to one seriously heavy slice of pulverizing Swedish thrash sure to liven up any party (as they rip through “Du Som Bara Hatar” on the stereo next to me, I find myself wishing they were an East L.A. band [or I was Swedish] so I could follow them around the county from one backyard to the next), and in the case of the ol’ chompers, she says I’ll now be able to keep them for the rest of my life. Think I’ll float her a CD for the office with these guys, Mob 47, Rajoitus, Krigshot, DS-13, and others on it. The older patients will no doubt love it.

 –jimmy (Prank)

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