TOTAL HEELS: Self-titled: LP

Oct 28, 2015

Goddamn, did I like this when I first gave it a spin. I liked it so much that I flipped it back to the beginning and played it again. It had an undeniable air of ‘70s New York punk—the artistic strain thereof. Then I didn’t listen to the record because moving and life got in the way. And during that time, I’m thinking I internally fueled the hype train. Not into overdrive, but almost enough to give it enough momentum to derail when I played the record again. A modern take on ‘70s New York is there, for sure, and the vocalist is poetic in nature and delivery, falling somewhere between Craig Finn (The Hold Steady / Lifter Puller) and the main vocalist for Parquet Courts. I still like this record, and will definitely be listening to it more, but I think I will be forever searching for what I first heard. Maybe I will find it, maybe I won’t—but I think I will like whatever I end up finding. –Vincent Battilana (Like Literally,

 –Vincent (Like Literally,