May 26, 2008

A tour 7” for a short East Coast tour that happened in September of 2007, which I have no recollection of ever hearing about. But that could be the old age and failing brain cells working against me. Total Fury: three in-your-face, fast punk jams from this early ‘80s East Coast-loving band from Japan. A cover is performed from a band called Second Wind, which I have never heard of. Not the best choice for a lead-off track, since their originals blew them away. I would have definitely put the cover as the last track. Pandamonium: Hailing from Minneapolis, these five ladies and a dude hold their own with their own brand of thrashing punk. Three songs that are raging, gritty, and fast. They also cover a Los Crudos song that is fitting to the style of music that they play. I wish this tour was on the West Coast. I would have definitely gone to one of the shows. 

 –don (One Percent)