TOTAL CONTROL: “Retiree” b/w “Meds II”: 7”

Eddy Current Suppression Ring is the sum of its parts. One of those parts is guitarist Mikey Young, who has a staggering comprehension of a wide spectrum of lesser-celebrated music. In Total Control, he pairs up with fellow Australian, DX (UV Race). Total Control presents itself as a stripped-down, dark-sounding synthesizer constricting robot-claustrophobic voice effects, powered along by a hard-working drum machine. It doesn’t sound like a dalliance but a collaboration well aware of the most biting and cynical early Devo tracks and the sonic plague that Suicide attempted to inject into every song. I have a feeling that if this wasn’t a 7”, these songs could have gone on for half an hour apiece. I’m glad it’s a 7”.

 –todd (Iron Lung)