TOTAL CHAOS: Punk Invasion: CD

Jul 09, 2009

1) This album has covers of Twisted Sister and the Exploited. Take those two bands and make them one. Keep in mind how old they are by now. Keep in mind you can still listen to those songs as originally recorded.

2) "This record is dedicated to the true punks of the world, those who stand against conformity... and raise their middle finger to authority." Funny thing about guys who very clearly put a lot of work into making sure that they look like all so many other punk bands from the last twenty years. Funny thing also about raising a middle finger to authority. It just pisses off authority. Then authority keeps oppressing you. Why not either get rid of authority through political action or set aside your own lifestyle without much inclusion of authority?

3) Every time I see the Total Chaos logo with the circle A of anarchy, I secretly wish one day to interview the band and ask them a lot of questions about Emma Goldman and the differences between Anarco Syndicalism and Primitivism.

4) There are no lyrics in the inset, but MAN are there a lot of photos with people who spend a lot of time on their hair.

5) Looking punk is really important because it defies the classist conventions of late 1970s British society. If any old Brits come to California, MAN are they going to be pissed.

6) I opened for Total Chaos once. Long story. One of the members had just dyed his hair and it ran all down his face. Wow, even when I was a teenage postcard punk, even I knew the importance of proper rinsing. And some kids came and heckled EVERY act.

7) Yes, I am focusing more on what they look like than the music on this CD. This seems in keeping with the attitude of the band.

8) Most of the high school aged punk bands I have seen in my life could come up with a better cover concept than this has – a poorly drawn skull with septum piercing (through the bone, I guess) and Discharge hairdo, holding a globe with continents that almost look like those of Earth.

9) Where are the punks invading?

10) Just when I was about to give a nod to this CD being filled with not entirely bad music that the kids can at least get a catharsis out of, on comes the bad Rancid rip off mid-tempo song that shows why punk vocalists are often called vocalists and not singers.

11) I would give a nod to the audio collage track about the death of Brian Deneke, whose killer got away with it since it was a "clean cut" kid in a fight against a punk. But it was pretty uninformative and half-assed, and having been in Amarillo lately, even the punks there want to kind of move on.

12) "Hey guys, see how popular the Dropkick Murphys are? Let’s rip them off too, and have a bagpipe and everything."

13) Wasn't there already song called “Jock O-Rama”? I get it when multiple bands use a title like "Betrayed" or something, or when obscure bands use something not realizing another obscure band did as well, but I am pretty sure that these guys know who the Dead Kennedys are.

14) Why is it so hard to send a reviewer a real CD, not just the CD and inset? Having to unstaple stuff is annoying, and lose contents are easier to lose, and I just plain think it's funny that they put a hole in the UPC.

15) The last track is called "We Are the Future." Apparently the future is a bunch of aging guys who hold on to the image of the past and the mindset of their adolescence.

16) butt flaps. Need I say more?  –rich (Reject)