TOTAL CHAOS: Freedom Kills: CD

Nov 08, 2007

These guys have been dead in the water for me way before I have received this CD for review. I have heard stories about this band from many credible people here in Los Angeles that have been around a long time. It just left a bad taste in my mouth. The appearance is another thing. They always looked like they were put together too perfectly. The uniform of leather and studs. The spiked hair perfectly proportioned. Poster children for cartoon punks. The promo pictures looked like they were professionally done for a glam metal band. I have been at records stores and heard their output, but not enough to pay attention or shell out my hard-earned cash. Since this is sitting in front of me, I have to take a hard listen. I hate to admit it, but this release is pretty good. Sure, I can pull out the GBH, Conflict, Exploited and Motörhead references in their songs, but this time around, they play it well. The production is better than what most bands that play this style ever get to record in. With the raving comes my negativity. The packaging is way too professional looking and over-photoshopped and trying too hard to look authentically punk. It looks like they are specifically targeting the Hot Topic/Warped Tour crowd. Well... maybe they are. The cover of the Misfits’ “Attitude” was subpar. They should have stayed away from that one. Not musically their style. Also the cover of Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It” is total cheese. If they wanted to be a glam metal band, they can just put their hair down and put on some makeup. I didn’t find it fun or funny.

 –don (S.O.S.)