TOTAL ABUSE: Looking for Love: 7” EP

There’s nothing like time that’ll start fucking with a band’s sound if they happen to live long enough. For some, time—it’ll send ‘em down a road that dead ends in a dank cul-de-sac of ego and wretchedly overblown output. For others, it sends ‘em in weirder country. My recollection of the last thing I heard from these cats, their Sex Pig EP, was an exercise in spazzed-out, zippy hardcore. If this release is any indication, their evolution has resulted in a marked shift into lower-gear tempos and a deconstruction of their previous take on the hardcore template anchored on relentlessly dissonant and caustic instrumentation. The results are an impressive three songs stripped down to the point of almost coming off more as a potential soundtrack for primal scream therapy than “rock music.” If this is the road time is sending ‘em down, here’s hoping they manage to keep on it a good spell more, ‘cause odds are shit’s only gonna get much, much more interesting the further they travel. 

 –jimmy (Deranged)