TORPEDO MONKEYS: Lunchtime with…: CD

Jul 03, 2009

I’ll admit I didn’t play this right away. I was put off by the psychedelic cover with pompadoured monkeys, Planet of the Apes masks, and ‘60s-era fonts and colors. I’ll also admit that was a mistake. This record is flat-out near great and has made my daily commute through Detroit less dreary. Reverently part Cramps, Johnny Thunders, Humpers, Devil Dogs, and more, these Germans blast through fifteen fresh trash-inspired rockers. The best track is “I Was a Cannibal for the FBI,” which is as catchy as Kent 3’s “Ointment Endeavor.” The covers of the Cramps’ “Like a Bad Girl Should,” Dead Kennedys’ “Let’s Lynch the Landlord,” and the Spark Plugs’ “Chicken” aren’t sloppy or patronizing; they’re great takes on what are now classics. Some of my faves all rolled into one apparent powerhouse. Now… what’s behind the mask?

 –thiringer (Zodiac Killer)