TORCHE: Self-titled: CD

Jul 12, 2007

I don’t know anything about Cavity, in which as at least one Torche was, but last year’s Floor CD was a top-shelf favorite on the Baxter farm, and two Floors are in Torche, and you can hear it. I also don’t really know anything about Queens of the Stone Age, but I think that’s the general territory on which tread Torche: heavy on the heavy, but also on the smooth. Guitars are tuned so low you’re not sure whether you’re hearing them or feeling them, the vocals flow like Guinness and there’s hardly any bullshit to fuck with your enjoyment of the rolling of the thunder. The whole thing’s under thirty minutes, which is a shame, but you’ll find it only seems like about twelve. And, yes, I’m ignoring the hideous cover and middle school lines like, “war is beautiful.” That’s my right.

 –doug (Robotic Empire)