TOP TEN: Self-titled: 7"

Nov 10, 2008

Tina Luchessi (Tina and the Total Babes, Trashwomen, Bobbyteens) channels her inner Bay City Rollers into a band that’d be perfect for the 7th inning stretch for the original Bad News Bears. (They’re so tough, one of ‘em plays baseball in heels.) Think Rip Off Records by way of the bubblegum pop/boilermaker* pop punk of the Pinkz, Checkers, and BitchSchool. Another way to put it is that it’s forlorn love pop with a lipstick tube-shaped switchblade put to your neck. Comes with collectible baseball cards. Sexy stuff like this is super easy to listen along to and like. (* = In the opening scene of the original Bad News Bears, Walter Matthau pours out the top of his beer in the parking lot, fills it back up with whiskey (a boilermaker), and gets to the business teaching kids how to fuck up their lives with dignity.)

 –todd (Lipstick)