TOP SHELF LICKERS: Heart Beats Brain: 12” EP

May 21, 2014

Top Shelf Lickers deliver overproduced, wish-they-were-popular, cookie cutter, third wave Alkaline Trio music (I will not call this punk). Six songs that felt like twenty from their generic tediousness. With Chicago’s punk pedigree, the city probably wishes TSL would move out. In a review box containing possibly the worst/most ridiculous/most misleading album art, this took the cake. Took looking at the spine to figure out the name of the band. If you’re going to get picked up by Warner Bros, hire an ad exec or graphic designer to make your cover art choices for you. Your eleven-year-old sibling likes Top Shelf Lickers because you haven’t taught them better. ‘Nuff said. 

 –Matt Seward (PickMeUp!,