Razorcake's Top Fifteen YouTube Channel Videos: featuring Ty Segall, Summer Vacation, Crusades, Joyce Manor and more By Candice

Sep 30, 2012

Considering we're just a buncha punk rockers with some flip cams, it's pretty damn impressive that our YouTube channel is approaching the double-milestone of 1,000 video uploads and 200,000 views.

Here are current Top Fifteen videos on our channel (excluding duplicates). It's a pretty excellent sampler, (a smörgåsbord of punk rock, if you will) so if you've been overwhelmed by the absurd amount of video content before, this is a good place to get started.

Ty Segall at Permanent Records

Joyce Manor at Division 9 in Riverside

Brendan Kelly at VLHS in Pomona

The Bombpops at VLHS

Mean Jeans at VLHS

Matt Skiba at UCR The Barn in Riverside, CA

Banner Pilot @ VLHS

The Taxpayers @ VLHS

The Arrivals @ Fest 9

Summer Vacation @ Eagle Rock Music Festival

Chris Wollard & Addison Burns @ The Lunchbox in Gainesville, FL

Crusades @ Awesome Fest 5

Rumspringer @ Awesome Fest 4

Swearin' @ VLHS

The Gateway District @ Dave Disorder's Pre-Fest 2010 Backyard BBQ, Tampa, Fl