Top 5s From Issue #90

Apr 18, 2016

(glitched cover by candice)

Alex Barrett
Copra: Round Three by Michel Fiffe (book)
• Radioactivity, Silent Kill
• Teenage Bottlerocket, Tales from Wyoming
• Destruction Unit, Negative Feedback Resistor
• Night Birds, Mutiny at Muscle Beach

Art Ettinger
• The Max Levine Ensemble, Backlash, BabyLP
• Wet Nurse, So It Goes LP
• Leftöver Crack, Constructs of the State LP
• White Murder, Form Early LP
• Legion 76, Self-titled 7”

Becky Rodriquez
1. “Eastside Punx,” my first solo photo exhibition at Espacio 1839 in East L.A.
2. The Mummies, Our Band Sucks, Thee Cormans, The Jinxes, and Satan’s Cheerleaders at Pickwick Gardens, Burbank 11/23/15
3. Rediscovering Replicas by Gary Numan And The Tubeway Army
4. Sleeping late
5. Touring the Los Angeles Natural History Museum Research Library

Bill Pinkel
• Basement Benders, Lydiad
• Spraynard, Mable
• Leatherface, Razorblades and Aspirinbox set (RIP Dickie)
• That Captain Sensible “Christmas Catalogue” song. New wave Xmas, FTW.
• Tiltwheel playing Hair Brained Scheme Addicts in its entirety at VLHS.

Billy Kostka
• La Misma, Kanizadi
• Fried Egg, The Incredible Flexible Egg
• The Bug, What’s Bugging You
• Rik And The Pigs, Pig Sweat / Feed the Animal
• Erik Nervous, Shipshewana Swimming

Camylle Reynolds
Top 5 Punk Highlights of 2015
1. Learning how to play the bass (and not just fucking around) and joining Midnite Snaxxx.
2. Neighborhood Brats getting back together.
3. Playing a Razorcake Residency show at Pehrspace with Mike Watt and Bombón.
4. Catching Badlands in Oakland. Blown. Away.
5. G.L.O.S.S. with No Statik at the Metro. One of thee most incredible shows. Ever. On a Monday night no less.

Candice Tobin
1. White Murder, Form Early
2. Red Dons, The Dead Hand of Tradition
3. Martha, Courting Strong
4. GDP, Realistic Expectations
5. Night Birds, Mutiny at Muscle Beach

Chad Williams
1. Baroness, Purple
2. Coma Club, Self-titled 7”
3. War On Women, Self-titled LP
4. Saviours, Palace of Vision LP
5. Pity, The Struggle II 7”

Chris Mason
1. Night Birds, Piss Test, Andy Place And The Coolheads, Public Eye, live at Blackwater, Portland, OR
2. Violent Reaction, Marching On LP
3. Protomartyr, The Agent IntellectLP
4. Diät, Positive Energy LP
5. Wimps, Suitecase LP

Chris Terry
1. Blobs, demo CS
2. Beach Slang LP and live
3. Nickelus F., Triflin’LP
4. All American Boys, by Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely (novel)
5. Finish compiling the discography of my high school band, Flesh Eating Creeps

Craven Rock
1. The rock legacy of Dickie Hammond and “Philthy Animal” Taylor, R.I.P.
2. My trip to Vancouver, its punk scene, and all the rock I saw there: Poor Form, S.B.D.C., Cloaca, Shellshag, Legs, VHS, Aletheia, Infantile Dissention
3. So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed by Jon Ronson (book)
4. Tau Cross, Self-titled
5. Fleeta Partee, LifeMuzik Deux

Daryl Gussin
• Martha, Courting Strong LP
• White Murder, Form Early LP
• Cold World, live
• Strafplanet 7”, tie with Patsy 7”, tie with Rough Kids Xmas flexi, tie with getting a new fridge
• Frankie Stubbs, “My Heart is Home” b/w not being so goddamn drunk all the time.

David Ensminger
Top 5 Songs Sung By Randy “Biscuit” Turner of Big Boys to Celebrate 10 Years Since His Death
• “Frat Cars”
• “Red/Green”
• “Baby Let’s Play God”
• “Fun Fun Fun”
• “History”

Designated Dale
Top 5 Rickyisms from Trailer Park Boys
1. Sarsaparilla (Salmonella)
2. Indianapolis Jones (Indiana Jones)
3. Refuckulate (Recalculate)
4. Rocket appliances (Rocket science)
5. Mating name (Maiden name)

Eric Baskauskas
Top 5 Razorcake Top 5s of 2015
• Andy Garcia, #84
• Billy Kostka, #88
• Juan Espinosa, #85
• Replay Dave, #86
• Cassie Sneider, #84

Gabie Gonzalez
• Spokenest
• Lee Noble
• Kitty Empire
• Absurd Walls
• The Warmers

Jeff Proctor
Top 5 Shows of 2015
1. Treasure Fleet Sun Machine record release party. February 20 at Non Plus Ultra, Los Angeles. With the Audacity, Lenguas Largas, Underground Railroad To Candyland
2. Flipper (with David Yow), SavageRepublic. October 23 at the Troubadour, West Hollywood
3. Television, July 2 at the Teragram Ballroom, Los Angeles
4. Shellac, July 15 at the Regent, Los Angeles
5. Flamin’ Groovies, the Zeros. November 28 at the Bootleg Theatre, Los Angeles

Jimmy Alvarado
• Mummies, Our Band Sucks, Thee Cormans, Satan’s Cheerleaders and The Jinxes, live at Pickwick Gardens 10/23/15: Great night, great bands, great fun.
• Youth Brigade, 1981 Demos 7” EP: Even better than the Possible EP, if I may be so bold.
• Damned, Machine Gun Etiquette LP: Was part of a recent vinyl rip session and I’d totally forgotten how good it is.
All Ages: The Rise and Fall of Portland Punk, book by Mark Sten: Still readin’ it, but so far it’s a bang-up tome on one of the West Coast’s most criminally overlooked scenes.
• Five-day Portland vacation: In addition to seeing the sights with my wife/best friend, the homeboy who runs Dirtnap Records was kind enough to play for me three upcoming releases from the Denton Music Mafia responsible for the Marked Men, Radioactivity, et al. Suffice to say, they’re definitely gonna be worth checking out.

Joe Dana
Top 5 Records of 2015 That I Remember
1. Night Birds, Mutiny at MuscleBeach
2. G.L.O.S.S., Demo
3. Kendrick Lamar, To Pimp a Butterfly
4. Jew Cocks, Full Release (Best album released on a condom wrapper ever)
5. Bad Cop/Bad Cop, Not Sorry 

John Miskelly
Five Good Things from 2015
• Tenement, Predatory Headlights
• Bangers, Bird
• #PigGate (just look it up)
Peep Show (RIP)
• Jeremy Corbyn

John Mule
My Best of 2015
1. Deadly Vipers, Cataclysmic Events 
2. Bitch Planet (Image Comics)
3. Badlands, Dark Dreams 
4. G.L.O.S.S., Demo
5. Mommy Long Legs, Life Rips

Juan Espinosa
• Uranium Club, Human Exploration 12”
• CCTV 7”, tie with Coneheads LP
• Night Birds, Mutiny at Muscle Beach LP
• Flesh World and Vial, live at East 7th
• Dry Insides CS, tie with Condition, Prelude to Hell CS

Kayla Greet
• Beach Slang, Divers, Dyke Drama at Flop House, Olympia
• Radioactivity, Low Culture, Vapid, Bad Future, Therman Shanks at Black Lodge
• Dyke Drama, Tender Resignation
• Night Birds, The Loss, VHS, Listen Lady, Wolfgang Fuck at Black Lodge
• Teaching a Girl Scout troop how to play pinball and giving them merit badges

Kevin Dunn
1. Hands Up Who Wants to Die, Buffalo, Buffalo, Buffalo CD
2. Betunizer, Enciende Tu Lomo CD
3. NO///sé, Lower Birth LP
4. VVhile, More LP
5. Wet Nurse, So It Goes LP

Kiyoshi Nakazawa
Illegal Comics Drawing Techniques
1. Bristol Humping
2. Ink Doping
3. Synthetic Sable Pubic Hair Tweezing
4. Double-Sided Pencil Sharpening
5. Two in the Ink One in the Stink

Kurt Morris
1. Vigilantes Of Love, V. O. L.
2. Coliseum, Sister Faith
3. See Through Dresses, End of Days EP
4. Sigur Rós (everything)
5. Jay Reatard, Blood Visions

Louis Jacinto
My Top 5 Punk Photographers
1. Dawn Wirth
2. Ruby Ray
3. Theresa Kereakes
4. Diane Gamboa
5. PaulZone

1. The Briefs, Generacion Suicida at Alex’s Bar. “Ah fuck, I think my baby is a communist.”
2. Brock Osweiler leading the Denver Broncos to defeat the (then-undefeated) Patriots 30-24 in O/T.
3. Shellshag in the backyard of Int’l House of Punkcakes in Los Angeles.
4. Beach Slang, Worriers at the Bootleg Theatre.
5. Lysol Gang, New Way On, Bombpops, Western Settings, Gentlemen Prefer Blood at All Star Lanes.

Matt Average
• Heat Dust, Self-titledLP
• Amarok, live at the Prospector in Long Beach
• Cloven, live at the Prospector in Long Beach
• Mike Watt & The Missingmen, live at Cafe NELA
• Mülltüte, Self-titled LP

Matt Seward
5. Raging Nathans and City Mouse, live
4. Tim Kerr art shows
3. Various AmRep Artists, The Color of Noise Soundtrack
2. Othar Turner and Jessie Mae Hemphill on Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood (1982)
1. Napalm Death, Melvins, Melt Banana tickets on my wedding anniversary

Meztli Hernandez
1. Wax Idols, American Tragic LP
2. Myopic Books, Chicago, IL
3. Flesh World at East 7th Warehouse, 12/5/15
4. Fumigados, Self-titled EP
5. The beautiful City of Chicago, IL

Michael T. Fournier
• Carrie Brownstein, Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl (book)
• Longings, Self-titled LP
• William Onyeabor, Who Is William Onyeabor? 3 x LP
• Protomartyr, live at Middle East Upstairs, CambridgeMA, 10/13/2015
• Soccer Team, Real Lessons in CynicismLP

Mick Dale
Favorite Releases of 2015
• Hate Your Friends, Quit Your Job
• Rei Clone, Self-titled
• Upset, ‘76
• Unfun, Waterboarding
• Slutever, Almost Famous

Mike Faloon
Five Current Favs from Tenement’s, Predatory Headlights
“Garden of Secrecy”
“Whispering Kids”
“You Keep Me Cool”
“Heavy Odor”
“I’m Your Super Glue”

Mike Frame
1. Whitey Morgan And The 78’S, Sonic Ranch CD
2. Lillingtons, Queers, MTX, live
3. Lucero, All a Man Should Do CD
4. Dan Baird & Homemade Sin, Get LoudCD
5. Tom T. Hall, entire catalog

DJ Naked Rob
Radio Valencia | San Francisco
1. TV Freaks, Bad Luck Charms LP
2. USA Nails, No Pleasure LP
3. Ex-Breathers, Past Tense LP
4. Blacklisters, Adult CS
5. Gino And The Goons, Check This OutEP 7”

Patrick Houdek
1. Tommy Vandervort’s cat Blythe Danner
2. Masked Intruder, The Copyrights, and Not Scientists at Hangar 9, Carbondale, Illinois
3. Carbondale, Illinois basement scene
4. Bad Taste at Tres Hombres, Carbondale, Illinois, playing for the SIU law school
5. Lost Cross House 30 Year Anniversary shows beginning to be planned

Paul Silver
1. Pegboy, Canadian Rifle at Liar’s Club, Chicago
2. Swingin’ Utters, Bombpops, Beach Slang, Success, at The Hideout, San Diego
3. Beach Slang, The Things We Do to Find People Who Feel Like Us LP
4. Civil War Rust, Help Wanted LP
5. Vacation, Pale Angels, Daylight Robbery, Carbon Leak, at Burlington Bar, Chicago

Replay Dave
• Basement Benders, Lydiad 
• Wet Nurse, So It Goes
• Slayer, Repentless
• Beach House, Depression Cherry
• Loretta Lynn, Van Lear Rose

Rich Cocksedge
• Epic Problem, ’11 – ’14 CD
• Medictation, Warm Places LP (last recording by Dickie Hammond, R.I.P.)
• Spraynard and Woahnows live at The Junction, Plymouth, U.K.
• Courtney Barnett, Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit CD
• Thanks to family and friends for continuing to help me through some dark times, most notably Cath, Esme, and Rosa.

Sal Lucci
1. Suburban Homes, “Conformity in the U.K.” b/w “Television Spies” 7”
2. Chrome Reverse, Yeah Yeah, We Are...7”
3. Lumpy And The Dumpers / Ausmuteants, flexi 7” that came with No Friends#01
4. Rik And The Pigs, “Pig Sweat” b/w “Feed the Animal” 7”
5. Golden Pelicans, live. See them any and every time you can!

Sean Arenas
• All Dogs, Kicking Every Day LP
• Bow & Spear, Into. LP
• Radioactivity, Silent Kill LP
• Wild Moth, Inhibitor LP
• RadiatorHospital, Torch Song LP

Sean Koepenick
7” Current Heavy Rotation
1. Youth Brigade, Complete First Demo
2. By The Throat, One Good Night
3. S.O.A., First Demo 12/29/80
4. The Slickee Boys, 10th Anniversary EP
5. Black Market Baby, “Potential Suicide” b/w “America’s Youth”

Toby Tober
Top 5 Movies I Have Recently Enjoyed
1. Bone Tomahawk
2. Tig
3. Salad Days: A Decade of Punk in Washington, DC (1980-1990)
4. Spring
5. The End of the Tour

Todd Taylor
• Martha, Courting Strong LP
• Red Dons, The Dead Hand of Tradition LP
• Basement Benders, Lydiad LP tie with White Murder, Form Early LP
• Video, The Entertainers LP
• The Rival Mob, Mob Justice LP
• Bucky Sinister, Black Hole (novel)

Ty Stranglehold
Top 5 Records of 2015
1. Radioactivity, Silent Kill
2. Night Birds, Mutiny at MuscleBeach
3. Hex Dispensers, III
4. Maniac, Demimonde
5. Underground Railroad To Candyland, The People Are Home