Top 5s from Issue #88

Oct 05, 2015

(glitched cover by candice)

Andy Garcia
1. Ausencia, Self-titled 7”
2. The Dark,Self-titled CS
3. Egrets On Ergot, Serve Us Tender 7”
4. Golden Pelicans, Oldest Ride, Longest Line 12”
5. Destruction Unit, Sonoran LP reissue

Aphid Peewit
• Poison Idea, Confuse and Conquer CD
• Friends Of Dorothy, The Man without DNA LP
• BGK, A Dutch Treat CD
• PiL, Album CD
• Sunday Morning Einsteins, Kangnave CD

Art Ettinger
The Decline of Western Civilization Collection, 4 x Blu-Ray
• Templars / Odio Simple, Split 7”
• Danger Signs, Reset LP
• Mood Of Defiance,In a Box 7”
• Playoff Beard, Self-titled 7”

Bill Pinkel
• Nervosas and robot (re)pair, live at the Redwood
• Swami John Reis And The Blind Shake, Modern Surf Classics
• Nervosas, Self-titled
• Radioactivity, Silent Kill
• ИO///sé, Lower Berth

Billy Kostka
• Ivy, Self-titled 12”
• Dawn Of Humans, Slurping at the Cosmos Spine
• Radioactivity, Silent Kill
• Snooty Garbagemen, Self-titled
• Golden Pelicans, Oldest Ride, Longest Line

Candice Tobin
Top 5 Records Echoing in the New Digs
1. Radioactivity, Silent Kill
2. Mind Spiders, Self-titled
3. The Marked Men, Fix My Brain
4. Radioactivity, Self-titled
5. White Murder, Self-titled

Chad Williams
1. Adolescents, La Vendetta LP
2. Valkyrie, Shadows LP
3. Good Riddance, Peace in Our TimeLP
4. Radioactivity, Silent Kill LP
5. Vanity, Vain in Life LP

Chris Mason
1. Tenement, Predatory Headlights2 x LP
2. Royal Headache, live + High LP
3. Daylight Robbery and The Stops, live
4. Crate Digger by Bob Suren (book)
5. Vacation, Non-Person LP

Chris Terry
1. Dark Ages, Vapor LP
2. Brian Costello, Losing in Gainesville (novel)
3. Radioactivity, live at Strange Matter in Richmond, 08/02/15
4. Girl Who Walks Home Alone at Night(movie)
5. Finished another novel draft. Maybe I’ll finish the novel one day.

Craven Rock
1. Activists in kayaks who got arrested in Washington trying to stop Shell’s oil drill from going to Alaska
2. The Depression Book and Making a Change for Good by Cheri Huber (books, great writing on mental health from Buddhist perspective)
3. Chiho Aoshima: Rebirth of the World exhibit at Seattle Asian Art Museum
4. Lost at Sea by Jon Ronson (book)
5. The Mountain Goats, Beat the Champ

Daryl Gussin
• Radioactivity, Silent Kill LP
• Johns, Grift Marks LP
• URTC, The People Are Home LP, tie with Hex Dispensers, III LP
• Germs, Forming 7” reissue, tie with new Spent Flesh 7”
• Daylight Robbery, live, tie with Worriers and Caves, live

Designated Dale 
1. Motörhead, Bad Magic; celebrating their fortieth year this past June with a new full-length that continues to keep the music world in check.
2. Los Master Plus at California Plaza, DTLA
3. Nina Diaz at Alex’s Bar in Long Beach, CA
4. Yvonne volunteering her translating skills for this year’s Special Olympics World Games.
5. Cheers to Mike and Lila Morales tying the knot this past July!

Eric Baskauskas
• Radioactivity, Silent Kill
• Donovan Wolfington, How to Treat the Ones You Love
• High On Fire, Luminiferous
• Eradicator, Eradicator
• Anxiety Hammer, What Stands between Us7"

Jamie Rotante
Top 5 Albums I’m Looking forward to This Fall
1. Mutiny at Muscle Beach, Night Birds
2. Zipper Down, Eagles Of Death Metal
3. Psychic Warfare, Clutch
4. Constructs of the State, Leftover Crack
5. HitNRun, Prince & 3RDEYEGIRL

Jim Joyce
1. Bigfoot Discovery Museum in Felton, CA 
2. Portland Zine Symposium and all those who made it happen
3. Value Aloha Motel in Vancouver, OR, for those fine, fine bedbug kisses
4. Basement Benders, Self-titled 7”
5. Cretins of Distortion #6

Jimmy Alvarado
• Rebecca Rodriguez’s Eastside Punx, ELA Punk Rock Photography 1988-1991 exhibition
• Radioactivity, Silent Kill LP
• Toxic Reasons, Independence LP reissue
A Wailing of a Town: An Oral History of Early San Pedro Punk and More 1978-85, by Craig Ibarra (book)
• Terveet Kädet, Lapin Helvetti LP

Jim Woster
Top 5 $2.50 or Under Finds from the Out of the Closet in Glassell Park, All in Good Condition
1. Charles Bukowski’s Septuagenarian Stew
2. John Fante’s West of Rome
3. Michael Lewis’ 2014 book Flash Boys
4. A Thousand Other Names’ Self-titled CD (out-of-print, from Stan Ridgway’s Birdcage label, feat. G.E. Stinson and Nels Cline)
5. Richard Ben Sapir’s The Far Arena(out-of-print novel, a favorite of Harlan Ellison)

John Miskelly
Top five U.K. comedies all y’all ‘mericans should check out to fill the John Stewart shaped gap in your lives.
1. Brass Eye (or anything by Chris Morris, especially his early radio work)
2. Nathan Barley (Chris Morris and Charlie Brooker’s prescient evisceration of East London hipsterdom that’s definitely not based on Vice magazine)
3. The Thick of It (everything you need to know about U.K. politics, swearing, and Glaswegians)
4. Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace (can’t describe it, just get the fucker watched)
5. I said “prescient evisceration.” I am a cock.

John Mule
1. Los Dos Hermanos, Bourbon, Blood and Seafood
2. Radioactivity, Silent Kill 
3. The Hex Dispensers, III
4. The Plurals, An Onion Tied to My Belt
5. Nervosas, Self-titled

Juan Espinosa
• Radioactivity, Silent Kill LP
• Glue 7”, tie with Vexx 7”
• Molly Robertson and Josh Rosa’s wedding; congrats you two love birds!
• Generacion Suicida, Marron, Fraude, and Surprise Vacation live at Unikorn Chan
• Razorcake day drinking event with DJs Jimmy Alvarado, Rat Bastard, and Meztli Hernandez

Kayla Greet
1. D4th of July at the Triple Rock
2. Free Mudhoney and Dead Moon show at Charles Smith Winery
3. Interviewing Ed Robertson of the Barenaked Ladies for my pinball podcast
4. Worriers, Caves, and Dead Bars at The Narwhal
5. Listen Lady at Machine House Brewery, b/w the Morgue (DIY venue) reunion show at The Blue Grouse on the same night

Kevin Dunn
1. Radioactivity, Silent Kill LP
2. Alice Bag, Pipe Bomb for the Soul (book)
3. Pliestocene, Space Trap EP
4. Tear A Cognita #3: Brisbane, Queensland compilation
5. Michael Stewart Foley, Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables (book)

Kurt Morris
1. Chelsea Wolfe, Abyss
2. Planes Mistaken For Stars, Mercy
3. Jawbreaker, Dear You
4. See Through Dresses, Self-titled
5. mewithoutYou, Pale Horses

Lauren Measure
5 Things Made by Travis Fristoe That You Should Know
1. The book Radon by Aaron Cometbus and Travis Fristoe
2. The zine America?
3. The band Reactionary 3
4. The article “In Praise of Lance Hahn” on
5. The zine library at the Civic Media Center in Gainesville

Louis Jacinto
My Top 5 First Wave Punk Videos
1. “Unable” Suburban Lawns
2. “122 Hours of Fear” The Screamers
3. “Miscarriage” Nervous Gender
4. “Too Much Junk” The Alley Cats
5. “We Don’t Need the English” The Bags

Mark Twistworthy
• Royal Headache, High LP
• Institute, Catharsis LP
• Easter And The Totem, The Sum Is Greater Than Its Parts LP reissue
• In Camera, Era 2 x LP reissue
• Far Out, Universe LP

Madeline Bridenbaugh
Top 5 SoCal Bands Since Becoming a L.A. Local
• Lysol Gang
• Western Settings
• All Brights
• Bombpops
• No Parents

Marty Ploy
• Radioactivity, Silent Kill
• robot (re)pair, Never Trust a Human
• Weird Lovemakers, Electric Chump
• Fools Rush, We Have Clementines
• Detached Objects, Self-titled

Matt Average
• Warhead, Self-titled LP
• Warhead, Self-titled LP
• Warhead, Self-titled LP
• Warhead, Self-titled LP
• Warhead, Self-titled LP

Meztli Hernandez
1. DJing at Bar 107 I <3 Drinking Beer and Listening to Records on 8/8/15
2. Ausencia, Self-titled EP
3. Generacion Suicida, Future Graves, Oxidizer, Way To Go Genius at 5 Star Bar on 7/17/15
4. Nervosas, Self-titled LP
5. Josh and Molly’s wedding on 8/01/15

Michael T. Fournier
• Anxious and Angry podcast
• Coastwest Unrest, Black Desert Sweet Mojave
• Downtown Boys, Full Communism
• Liz Prince, Tomboy (book)
• Radioactivity, Silent Kill

Mike Dumps
• Tommy Stinson, live at Bowery Electric
• Royal Headache, Self-titled LP
• Witches With Dicks, Not Just a Passing Season EP (Soon!)
• Dark Thoughts, Two More Songs from...
• Ryan Adams, Blue Light EP

Mike Faloon
1. Check Swing Tour with Mike Fournier
2. Jack Grace, Everything I Say Is a Lie CD
3. The Jonah Keri Podcast
4. Joe McPhee and John Snyder, To Be Continued LP
5. Dot Wiggin Band, Ready! Get! Go! LP

Mike Frame
1. Dragons, Cheers to Me LP
2. Cayetana, Nervous Like Me LP
3. Motörhead, entire catalog
4. The Newsroom (television series)
5. No Talents / Head, live in Seattle

DJ Naked Rob
Radio Valencia | San Francisco
1. Jonny Manak & The Depressives,Cold Pizza & Warm Beer
2. Destination Lonely, No One Can Save Me
3. Wailin’ Storms, Shiver
4. In Defence, Don’t Fuck with the Dungeon Master
5. Radioactivity, Silent Kill

Live Sets in Saint Louis
• Rush
• The Meatmen
• School Damage
• Braver
• Radioactivity

Paul Silver
1. D4th of July at the Triple Rock Social Club, Minneapolis, with D4, Against Me!, Scared Of Chaka, Off With Their Heads, Toys That Kill, Tim Barry, Nato Coles, and more
2. Worriers, Imaginary Life
3. Boom Boom Kid, DFMK, Calafia Puta, and Santa Ana Knights, at the Hideout, San Diego
4. Detached Objects, Self-titled 12” EP
5. The Stupid Daikini, Everything Is Fine

Replay Dave
• Worriers, Imaginary Life
• Radioactivity, Silent Kill 
• Ceramicats, bandcamp demo
• Underground Railroad To Candyland, The People Are Home 
• Young Ruins, Demo 2014 CS

Rich Cocksedge
• Dearly Beloved, Worried Shoes, and The Vice live at The Underground, Plymouth
• Gentlemen Prefer Blood, Used Books and Guns LP
• The Abs, Wop Bop A Loo Bop, A Cough, Wheeze, Fart 2 x CD
• Wonk Unit, Feel the Wonkness LP
• Bangers, Bird LP

Sean Arenas
• Terrible Feelings, Tremors LP
• Big Business, Battlefields ForeverLP
• Downtown Boys, Full Communism LP
• Sonny Vincent And Rocket From The Crypt, Vintage Piss LP
Baseline BLVD by Emi Gennis

Sean Koepenick
Best Black Flag Drummers
1. Bill Stevenson
2. Chuck Biscuits
3. Robo
4. Anthony Martinez
5. Brian Migdol

Tim Brooks
• Buck Biloxi And The Fucks, Streets of RageLP
• Epyx Shredder, No Bails LP
• Hex Dispensers, III LP
• Gino And The Goons, Don’t Push Your Luck EP
• Terror, The Twenty Fifth Hour LP

Toby Tober
Top 5 Movies I Have Recently Enjoyed
1. The Seven Five
2. Deep Web
3. Fuku-Chan of Fukufuku Flats
4. Bridgend
5. Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley’s Island of Dr. Moreau

Todd Taylor
• Radioactivity, Silent Kill LP
• The Billie Idles (formerly Tom Grrrl) Everything Was Cliché and Nothing Was Original
• Dark Times, Give LP
• Hex Dispensers, III LP
• Nervosas, Self-titled LP
A Wailing of a Town: An Oral History of Early San Pedro Punk and More 1978-85, by Craig Ibarra (book)

Tommy Vandervort
1. Hex Dispensers, III LP
2. Pegboy, Stiff Little Fingers, Dummy, at The Metro, Chicago
3. D4th of July at The Triple Rock Social Club, MPLS
4. Direct Hit, More of the Same (Satanic Singles) LP
5. Fourth Shift Screen Printing, Ryan Young’s new venture

Tricia Ramos
1. Think And Die Thinking Fest
2. Peaches Christ Presents: ShowgirlsLive 
3. Finally seeing the MRR house
4. Sacred Paws, 6 Songs
5. Lady Leshurr, “Queen’s Speech 4”

Ty Stranglehold
1. Hex Dispensers, III
2. Maniac, Demimonde
3. Radioactivity, Silent Kill
4. Night Birds, Mutiny at Muscle Beach
5. Drakulas, Owowowowowowow

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