Top 5s from Razorcake #66: Songs about ducks.

Feb 21, 2012

Adam It’s Alive
Top 5 Records of 2011... That We Didn't Release
• House Boat, The Thorns of Life LP
• Lipstick Homicide / Billy Raygun, Split 12"
• Slow Death, Born Ugly Got Worse LP
• Underground Railroad to Candyland, Knows Your Sins LP
• Vacation Bible School, Ruined The Scene LP

Adam Bowers
• Future Virgins, Western Problems
• Iron Chic, Not Like This
• Honest Arrow EP
• Owen, Ghost Town
• The Enablers, To Thine Own Ruin Be True

Adrian Salas
Favorite Songs of 2011 (In No Particular Order)
5. Fucked Up, “Queen of Hearts”
4. World/Inferno Friendship Society, “The Politics of Passing Out”
3. The Babies, “Run Me Over”
2. Wax Idols, “Gold Sneakers”
1. Weekend, “Hazel”
Honorable Mention: Terry Malts, “Something About You” and Cold Showers, “I Don’t Mind”

Art Ettinger
• The Connie Dungs, Young, Dumb and Full of Dung CD
• Sharp Objects, Self-titledLP
• Kim Phuc, Copsucker LP
• Screeching Weasel, Carnival of Schadenfreude 12”EP
• Amoebas, Self-titledLP

Ben Snakepit
Five Best Things I Got in the Mail (Or in the Email) Since the Last Issue
• Low Culture demo
• Tenement, Napalm Dream
• Too Many Daves, Weekend at Dave’s
• Dude Jams, How to Abuse Everything
• Angry Snowmans, What We Do Is Festive

Bill Pinkel
• True Stereo 7”
• Steve Adamyk Band, Forever Won’t Wait LP
• The Spits, V LP
• Night Birds, The Other Side of Darkness LP
• Pregnancy Scares, Demo 2011

Billups Allen
Top 5 Band Theme Songs: D.C. Edition
1. Minor Threat’s “Minor Threat”
2. Marginal Man’s “Marginal Man”
3. Artificial Peace’s “Artificial Peace”
4. Teen Idles’ “Teen Idles”
5. Government Issue’s “G.I.”

Candice Tobin
1. Occupy Greendale
2. Crusades, The Sun Is Down and the Night Is Riding In LP
3. The Bombay Sweets, Demo
4. Underground Railroad To Candyland, Bird Roughs LP
5. Pink Razors, Scene Suicide LP

Chad Williams
• No Problem, And Now This LP
• Night Birds, The Other Side of Darkness LP
• The reformed Hookers live in San Francisco.
• None More Black covering “Damage Inc.” at Fest!
• Mastodon, The Hunter LP

Chris Mason
1. Night Birds, The Other Side of Darkness LP
2. Shoppers, Silver Year LP
3. The Men, Leave Home LP
4. Steve Adamyk Band, Forever Won’t Wait LP
5. Vacation, Self-titled LP

Chris Terry
1. Something Fierce, Don’t Be So Cruel LP
2. Underground Railroad To Candyland, live
3. Kurt Vile, Smoke Ring for My Halo LP
4. RVA Magazine’s “Strange Daze: 1980-89” Richmond hardcore playlist and photobook.

Christina Zamora
Top 5 Bands I’m Way into Right Now
1. Shimmering Stars
2. Best Coast
3. Be My Doppelganger
4. Lipstick Homicide
5. Peach Kelli Pop

Craven Rock
1. Release of Gina Siciliano’s four part comic, Summertime in book form.
2. Release of the first print issue of Seattle literary journal, Monarch Review.
3. Shabazz Palaces, Black Up CD
4. We Are The Augustines, Book of James CD
5. Steelhorse, Slatwall, Explemente! at a house

Daryl Gussin
• Steve Adamyk Band, Forever Won’t Wait LP
• Wreck Of The Zephyr, For Helen LP
• Arrivals / Arteries, Split 7”
• Cheeto Champ, Gets the Giggles CD
• Triple tie with Slow Death, Born Ugly Got Worse CD, Diarrhea Planet, Loose Jewels CD, and Sonic Avenues, Television Youth CD

Designated Dale
1. Pu$$y Cow, Charm Machine, and Harry & The Hendersons 11.15.11 at The Redwood downtown L.A. Thanks for having us along, Señor Dana!
2. Charm Machine and Hands Like Bricks 11.28.11 at 72 North in Pasadena, CA. Thanks to Hovik for making this happen. Kyle and the rest of HLB kill it! See them now.
3. The Angry Snowmans and The Junk 12.2.11 at Alex’s in Long Beach, CA. These Snowmans are the best thing to happen to Christmas since the movie, A Christmas Story. Fuck. Yeah.
4. AC/DC’s If You Want Blood (You’ve Got It) from their still-scorching Highway to Hell rekkid. Quite possibly the most near-perfect rock’n’roll song ever written. Have I said this before? Tough shit, I may even put it in my Top Fives list indefinitely. Suck it.
5. Lemmy turning sixty-six years young this past December 24th and continuing to keep it real. Godspeed, Lem!

Daniel Segura
1. Against Me!, The Eternal Cowboy
2.Something Fierce, Don’t Be So Cruel
3.Park Circle (R.I.P. Chiz) Feat. Casey Veggies, “Black Gold”
4. Stranger Kids, Self-titled
5. Choking Victim, No Gods, No Managers

Ever a.k.a. The Girl About Town
1. Melt Banana and Retox at The Echoplex
2. Shonen Knife at The Echo
3. Alice Bag in-store at Dr. Strange Records
4. GZA, Liquid Swords
5. Turkish Techno, Rumspringer, The Manix, and Dead To Me at VLHS

Jake Shut
1. The Occupy Movement bringing class issues to mainstream political discourse in the U.S.
2. Black Skies, On the Wings of Time
3. Ty Segall, Singles 2007-2010
4. Banner Pilot, Heart Beats Pacific
5. Free breakfast tacos every Wednesday morning at my new job

Jennifer Federico
Top 5 Records I Listened to after the Ramming Speed Show on Saturday
• Slayer, Reign in Blood
• Voivod, Killing Technology
• Vio-lence, Eternal Nightmare
• Metallica, Garage Days
• Suicidal Tendencies, Self-titled

Joe Dana
1. Dead To Me, Rumspringer, the Manix, Turkish Techno at VLHS
2. The Atom Age, RVIVR at VLHS
3. Joyce Manor, Lemuria at Nomad Gallery
4. Horror Squad. Killing it anywhere and everywhere they’ve been playing lately.
5. Countless awesome bands at the Redwood last month: Dudes Night, Inazuma, Angry Snowmans, Hands Like Bricks, the Mormons, French Exit, White Night, the Manix, Harry & The Hendersons, and Charm Machine.

Joe Evans III
• Black Wine, Summer of Indifference LP
• Cheeto Champ, Gets the Giggles CD
• Street Eaters, Rusty Eyes and Hydrocarbons LP
• The Maxies, Going Clubbin’ 7”
• Uh Oh/Off-Days, Split 7”

Juan Espinosa
• Spazz, La Revancha LP re-press
• Crazy Spirit, I’m Dead 7”
• Das Racist, Relax LP
• Peach Kelli Pop and Salsa Chips, live at Burger Records
• Culture Kids cassette

Keith Rosson
• Pine Hill Haints, Evening Star cassette
• Future Virgins, Western Problems LP
• Gateway District, live and Perfect’s Gonna Fail LP
• Holding On To Sound, The Tempest 7
• And this issue’s award for Moldy-Oldie That I’m Just Now Getting Around to Listening To and Is Totally Wrecking Me: Crucifix, Dehumanization CD

Ken Dirtnap
• Chosen Few, The Joke’s On Us 12”
• Barreracudas, Nocturnal Missions 7”
Portland Mutant Party, Volume 17”
• Therapists, Hate Sweats LP
• Sharp Objects LP

Kurt Morris
1. Ida, I Know about You
2. James Bond movies
3. The Muppets (movie)
4. Notorious B.I.G., Ready to Die
5. Spray Paint the Walls, by Stevie Chick (book)

Liz Prince
Top 5 Things That I’m Doing Right Now
1. Listening to Tenement’s Napalm Dream
2. Eating cookie butter out of the jar
3. Drawing album art for Masked Intruder
4. Reading through the entire EC Horror collection
5. The Insanity Workout with Shaun T

Mark Twistworthy
1. Heavy Times, Jacker LP
2. Flesh Lights / Naw Dude, split 7”
3. Spank Rock, Everything Is Boring & Everyone Is a Fucking Liar CD
4. Torche / Part Chimp, Split 12”
5. True Sons Of Thunder, Spoonful of Seedy Dudes LP

Marty Ploy
Top 5 Albums of 2011
• Future Virgins, Western Problems
• Crusades, The Sun Is Down And The Night Is Riding In
• The Credentials, Goocher
• Fucked Up, David Comes to Life
• Turkish Techno, Past Due

Matt Average
• Self-Interest, Blooming EP
• Brain Tumors,Self-titled EP
• Red Pens, Self-titled 7”
• Germ Attack, Fear of the Unknown LP
Teenage Moods, Mood Ring LP

Mike Frame
1. Suedehead, all three EPs and live
2. Simon Stokes, Heathen Angels
3. Wild Flag, Self-titled
4. Slow Death, Born Ugly Got Worse
5. Izzy Stradlin and The Ju Ju Hounds

Naked Rob, The Thrash Attack, SFC
1. Anywhere, Pyramid Mirrors 7”(prog-punk)
2. The Monsters, Pop Up Yours CD(Swiss r’n’r trash)
3. Archons, Punish the Stars LP (SD heaviness)
4. The Grannies, For Those about to Forget to Rock LP(SF r’n’r)
5. Vultures United, To Live and Die in Gainesville 7”(OC hardcore/punk)

Nardwuar the Human Serviette
Equalizing X Distort Zine (Absolutely the best punk rock zine (and radio show) ever from Canada!)
Violence Girl, by Alice Bag (book)
• Real Estate, live
Trouble at the Camera Club (Book with amazing pics from the early days of the Toronto punk scene ‘76-’80.)
• Titan Blood EP (Ripping, catchy-as-hell punk from Texas.)

1. The Cardinals winning the 2011 World Series!
2. King Friday, Everything Is Not Okay LP
3. Too Many Daves, Dawn of the Daves 7”
4. Dude Jams, How to Abuse Everything LP
5. Sexy Crimes, live at Fest

Rev. Nørb
• Barreracudas, Nocturnal Missions LP
• Manic Depressives/0:30 Second Flash, split 12”
• Ramma Lamma, Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie 7”
• Ramma Lamma, Little Runaway 7”
• Alicja-Pop, I Play the Fool 7”

Paul Comeau
1. Big Eyes, Hard Life LP
2. Iron Hand, Liquid Assets 7”
3. Oil Tanker, The Shadow of Greed LP
4. Short Walk, Don’t Be One cassette
5. Weak Teeth, What a Plague You Are LP

Rene Navarro
1. Cheeto Champ, Gets the Giggles CD
2. Waco Fuck, Paranoia Is Total Awareness CD
3. Bio Crisis, Outlaw Bastards, Jauria, and Los Dolares, live in TJ
4. Swingin Utters, A Juvenile Product of the Working Class LP
5. Wits End, Self-titled 7”

Replay Dave
Top 5 Records to Endure a Floridian Winter
• Cutman, Universal Laws
• Post Teens, Self-titled 7”
• The Measure [SA], My Heart and the Real World LP
• The Bomb, The Challenger 11”
• Black Train Jack, No Reward LP

Ronnie Sullivan
Five Songs I Listened to a Lot in 2011
1. Washed Out, “Feel It All Around”
2. The Volt Per Octaves, “Science”
3. The Growlers, “Graveyard’s Full”
4. The Gravy Street, “This We Know”
5. Tycho, “Coastal Brake”

Ryan Horky
1. Brand New, Your Favorite Weapon LP
2. Worriers, Past Lives 7”
3. Master, Self-titled LP
4. Banner Pilot, Heart Beats Pacific LP
5. The Muppets Soundtrack

Sal Lucci
1. Norton Records 25th Anniversary Party
2. Mark Sultan 7”
3. Ding Dongs 7”
4. Gaye Blades, Self-titled LP
5. Crisis Hotlines, Don’t Wanna Go (To No Jail) 7”

Samantha Beerhouse
• Blind Willie Johnson, Self-titled
• Something Fierce, Don’t Be So Cruel
• Iron Chic, Not Like This
• Frank Turner, England Keep My Bones
• Olu Dara, From Natchez to New York

Sean Koepenick
Bands That Need to Tour the U.S. in 2012
1. Chelsea
2. UK Subs
3. Girlschool
4. Cock Sparrer
5. Anti-Nowhere League

Steve Hart
1. Khrinj reunion show on Maui
2. Eve, Homeless in San Francisco (book)
3. Ghoul, Transmission Zero
4. Amebix, Sonic Mass
5. Jamie Kilstein, Libel, Slander, and Sedition

Steve Larder
1. Raising Holy Sparks, Beyond the Unnamed Bay
2. Crowd Control, Self-titled 7”
3. 1in12 Club Benefit Compilation
4. AcidMothersTemple, The Ripper at the Heaven’s Gates of Dark
5. Royal Headache LP

Toby Tober
Top 5 Movies I Have Enjoyed Recently
1. Terri
2. Hot Coffee (doc)
3. Drive
4. 50/50
5. The 11th Day (doc)

Todd Taylor
• Slow Death, Born Ugly Got Worse LP
• Diarrhea Planet, Loose Jewels CD
• Pine Hill Haints, Evening Star LP and Welcome to the Midnight Opry LP
• Tenement, “Taking Everything” b/w “Daylight World” 7”
• Spits, V LP
• Waxahatchee, American Weekend LP
• Total Control, Henge Beat LP

Ty Stranglehold
Top 5 X Bands
1. X (US)
2. X (Australia)
3. X-Ray Spex
4. XTC
5. Xaxaxa

Vincent Battillana
• Arctic Flowers, Reveries LP
• Lost Tribe LP
• Sopors 7”
• Vanna Inget, Allvar LP
• Wet Bags 7”